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SERMON OUTLINE > AM January 13, 2013 One Minute After You Die
AM January 13, 2013 One Minute After You Die

One Minute After You Die
Luke 16:19-31

Eternity at death………

•   Your ETERNITY will begin.

•   Your eternity will be set FOREVER.

The Unbeliever at death…….

• Descends into the GLOOM of Hades.
- In Hades:
• A person is fully CONSCIOUS.
• A person’s destiny is FIXED and irrevocable.
• There is a sense of FAIRNESS and justice.

-   Hades is not HELL nor purgatory, it is a temporary intermediate state.

-   Hell is a place of :

• Easy access but no EXIT.

The Believer at death…….

• Ascends to GLORY.
- For those who are prepared for death, the journey is no longer to be FEARED.

- For the believer death is biblical portrayed as:

• A restful SLEEP.
• A collapsing TENT.
• A sailing SHIP.
• A permanent HOME.

Knowing where you will be one minute after you die….

• You can CHOOSE and know with certainty where you will spend eternity.
- Do not trust NEAR DEATH experiences because they may not reflect the true conditions of life beyond death.

- TRUST someone who was actually dead, but came to life to tell you what you can expect one minute after you die.

- Tell God you are trusting CHRIST now for everlasting forgiveness of sin and your desire for Him to save you.

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