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SERMON OUTLINE > AM February 24, 2013 One Minute AFter You Die
AM February 24, 2013 One Minute AFter You Die

One Minute After You Die—The Believer. (Luke 16:19-31.)

Eternity at death………

•   Your ETERNITY will begin.

•   Your eternity will be set FOREVER.

The Unbeliever at death…….

•   Descends into the GLOOM of Hades.

In Hades:
•   A person is fully CONSCIOUS.
•   A person’s destiny is FIXED and irrevocable.
•   There is a sense of FAIRNESS and justice.

Hades is not HELL nor purgatory, it is a temporary intermediate state.

Hell is a place of :
•   Easy access but no EXIT.

The Believer at death…….

•   Ascends to GLORY.
For those who are prepared for death, the journey is no longer to be FEARED.
•   The believer will IMMEDIATELY at home with the Lord.
•   There will be an ongoing and heightened AWARENESS at the point of death.
•   The believer will be ushered into heaven by ANGELS.

For the believer death is biblical portrayed as:
•   A restful SLEEP.
•   A collapsing TENT.
•   A sailing SHIP.
•   A permanent HOME.
•   An actual PHYSICAL place.
•   A place with our LOVED ONES.
•   A place with our loved One JESUS.
•   A place of COMFORT.

Knowing where you will be one minute after you die….
•   You can CHOOSE and know with certainty where you will spend eternity.

Do not trust NEAR DEATH experiences because they may not reflect the true conditions of life beyond death.

TRUST someone who was actually dead, but came to life to tell you what you can expect one minute after you die.

Tell God you are trusting CHRIST now for everlasting forgiveness of sin and your desire for Him to save you.

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