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SERMON OUTLINE > AM January 27, 2013 Heaven - Who Are You?
AM January 27, 2013 Heaven - Who Are You?

Heaven—Who Are You? (I Corinthians 15:42-54).

In Heaven…..

•   You are called by NAME.
?   PERSONHOOD survives the death of the body.

?   The SAME person who steps out of earth is the one who steps into heaven.

?   Your EARTHLY name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

•   Your PERSONALITY continues.
?   Heaven is the your earthly LIFE glorified and perfected.

?   You will EXIST in your personality, distinctions, and idiosyncrasies.

•   Your personal KNOWLEDGE continues.
?   Minds and MEMORIES will be clearer than ever before.

?   God wants to stop what prevents us from LEARNING.

•   Your personal LOVE continues.
?   DEATH breaks ties on earth but renews them in Heaven.

?   You will love your loved ones on earth with a fonder, PURER love.

?   Your love for GOD will be intensified.

•   Your personal FELLINGS continue.
?   You will be capable of expressing emotions of JOY and righteous anger.

?   There will be TEARS.

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