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SERMON OUTLINE > AM February 3, 2104 Life in the Present Heaven
AM February 3, 2104 Life in the Present Heaven

Life in the Present Heaven (Revelation 6:9-11).

General Observations……..

•   People in Heaven are EMOTIONAL beings like people on earth.

?   You will be capable expressing emotions of JOY and righteous anger.

•   People in Heaven are MARRIED.

?   The institution of HUMAN marriage ended having fulfilled its purpose.

?   Deep relationships between married people will NOT END.

•   There is TIME in the present Heaven.

•   Our Sovereign God knows down to the last detail all that is and will happen ON EARTH.

•   People in Heaven REMEMBER much more in Heaven than on Earth.

•   People in Heaven PRAY for those on earth.

•   In Heaven, God keeps a RECORD of what people do on earth.

?   Your life on earth has ETERNAL significance.

?   Your specific acts of FAITHFULNESS on earth will be brought to Heaven with you.

?   Your past sins and sufferings will not interfere with God’s ACCEPTANCE of you.

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