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SERMON OUTLINE > AM April 7, 2013 Awesome Invitation
AM April 7, 2013 Awesome Invitation

Awesome Invitation--Come To My Table (John 6; I Cor 10-11)

Needed to be brought to the Table……

Before we sit down to a meal, we need CLEAN HANDS.
•   EXAMINE our lives before receiving Communion.
•   Something that needs to be CONFESSED and cleaned up?

When we come to Jesus with remorse and repentance we will find:
•   An INVITATION to His table.

Before dining, we need a good APPETITE.
•   The Bread and Cup will satisfy our SPIRITUAL hunger.

•   Grape juice represents the blood of Christ, which cleanses our spiritual hearts of SIN’S deadly effects.

When dining, we need PATIENCE--to enjoy the moment.
•   Our SPIRITUAL meal should be focus of why we’re here.

We need HARMONY at the meal table.
•   What unites us is GREATER than what divides us.

•   We need GREATFULNESS for this meal.
•   Appreciate the COST of this meal.

We need to come God’s Table with LOYALTY.
•   We are undivided in our COMMITMENT to Christ.

We need to leave the Lord’s Table with PURPOSE.
•   Energized to SERVE Him with all our strength.

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