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SERMON OUTLINE > AM May 12 Achieving Extraordinary Holiness
AM May 12 Achieving Extraordinary Holiness

Achieving Extraordinary Holiness Through Ordinary Means. (Jn15:1-17.)

Union and Communion…….

UNION with Christ is the irrevocable WORK of the Holy Spirit.

COMMUNION is simply FELLOWSHIP with Christ.
- Communion can be affected by SIN and unresponsiveness to God’s grace.
- We who enjoy saving fellowship IN Christ ought to cultivate a growing fellowship WITH Christ.

Holiness through abiding in Christ…….

•   We abide in Christ by OBEYING Him.

•   WALKING with Christ and enjoying communion with Him involves walking as Christ did.

Pursue communion with Christ…..

•   Through PRAYER.

•   Through the WORD of God.

•   Through FELLOWSHIP with other Christians.

Astonishing realities of extraordinary holiness……..

•   SINNERS can have fellowship with a sinless God.

•   We can be RECONCILED to God.

•   We can be TRANSFORMED from one degree of glory to the next.

•   We can be HOLIER than we think.

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