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SERMON OUTLINE > AM June 2 2013 Fear or Faith
AM June 2 2013 Fear or Faith

Fear or Faith? (Numbers 13-14)

•   They disregarded the GOODNESS of God.
•   They doubted the GREATNESS of God.

?   They magnified potential PROBLEMS.
?   They minimized powerful PROMISES.

•   They disobeyed the WORD of God.
•   They disqualified themselves from the BLESSING of God.

Portrait of the Faithful…

•   They BELIEVED the goodness of God.
•   They TRUSTED the greatness of God.

?   Where others saw an obstacle, they saw an OPPORTUNITY.
?   While others worried about man’s power, they were confident in God’s PRESENCE.

•   They OBEYED the Word of God.
•   They would EXPERIENCE the blessing of God.

What About Us?

•   Will we turn from God and trust in OURSELVES…

?   Or will we turn to God and trust in CHRIST?

?   Or will we STEP FORWARD with faith in the Word?

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