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SERMON OUTLINE > AM May 26 2013 Qualities of a Good Soldier
AM May 26 2013 Qualities of a Good Soldier

Qualities of a Good Soldier. (2 Tim. 2:3-4; 4:7-8.)

A good soldier…….
•   Is a FOLLOWER.

?   Knows there is always someone HIGHER than you.

?   Who follows ORDERS no matter the cost.


?   To endure HARDSHIP and not quit.

?   To seek to PLEASE the Commander.

?   To GUARD the truths of faith.

•   Is a FIGHTER.

?   Who is DETERMINED in the face of the enemy.

?   Who is DRIVEN regardless of the duration of the battle.

?   Who is DEDICATED to the keeping of his oath.

•   Is a FINISHER.

?   He does not QUIT at the first sign of trouble.

?   He knows the price that was paid by his SUPERIOR to make a pace for him in the army.

?   He knows that at the end of the war, every deed will be REWARDED by the Commander-in-Chief.

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