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SERMON OUTLINE > AM April 14, 2013 Grow Up!
AM April 14, 2013 Grow Up!

Grow Up! Marks of A Maturing Christian. (Eph. 4:11-32)

Impediments to growth……..
•   Our growth is impeded by IMMATURITY.
?   When we enter into relationship with God, we come at the stage of a CHILD.

•   Our growth is impeded by INSTABILITY.
?   Not everything that has JESUS in it mean it’s the authentic, historical Christ.

•   Our growth is impeded by GULLIBILITY.

Marks of a Maturing Christian……
•   Marked by CALM steadfastness.
?   We are steadfast in our DOCTRINE.
?   We are steadfast in our DEVELOPMENT.
?   We are steadfast in our DEVOTION.

•   Marked by CHRISTLIKE standards.
?   We are Christlike in how we ACT and REACT and interact.

•   Marked by an ongoing process of HARMONY.
?   Our growth takes place in the living, breathing, vital community called the CHURCH of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Maturing regimen………
•   Believe in the PROMISES of God.

•   Fight, strive, and make every effort to WORK OUT all that God is working in you.

•   Trust and obey God by doing what is PLEASING to Him.
?   God is not UNMOVED by our heart-felt attempts to obey.

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