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SERMON OUTLINE > AM June 30 "The Consequences of Celebrating ....
AM June 30 "The Consequences of Celebrating ....

The Consequences of Celebrating Independence from God. (Ps 33: 8-12; Gals 6:7-9)
•   God’s blessings upon America.
?   America has a godly HERITAGE.
?   America has a FREE enterprise system.
?   America’s SPIRITUAL heritage is strong.
?   America was founded on the principles of SCRIPTURE.

•   America’s response to God’s blessings.
?   We have taken God’s hand of blessing and declined to BLESS Him.
?   We have told God we DON’T NEED Him.

•   The consequences of nations who reject God.
?   Nations that reject God DISAPPEAR into obscurity.
?   Nations will be called to ACCOUNT.
?   Whatever you and I SOW today, we will reap more of later.

•   Christian Scriptural responsibilities.
?   STAND UP and live out the godly life we profess.
?   SPEAK UP and do not be ashamed of our Savior.
?   CRY OUT to God to change the direction of our nation.

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