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SERMON OUTLINE > AM July 7 "The Pathway to Personal Peace"
AM July 7 "The Pathway to Personal Peace"

The Pathway to Personal Peace and Maturity (Galatians 1:11-24)

Glorious Gospel Truths...

•   The Gospel is FREE.

?   God the Father has INITIATED our salvation.

•   The Gospel is not INVENTED by man.

•   The Gospel is REVEALED by God.

?   God the Son has ACCOMPLISHED our salvation.

•   We malign the Gospel when we ADD to grace.

•   We misunderstand the Gospel when we CHEAPEN grace.

•   We marvel at the Gospel when we TRUST IN grace.

•   The Gospel is FREEING.

?   By His grace, we are free from SIN in this world.

?   By His grace, we are free to SHARE with this world.

Grasp Gospel truths …….

•   God can RADICALLY change your life.
?   God set you apart at BIRTH.

?   God reveals JESUS in you.

?   God will often send you to the DESERT.

God will lead you to WISE people to help you grow

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