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SERMON OUTLINE > AM July 14 "The Power to Live a Righteous Life"
AM July 14 "The Power to Live a Righteous Life"

The Power to Live A Righteous Life (Gal 2:11-21)

Freed By Grace...

•   God’s pleasure in you is not based on your PERFORMANCE for Him.
Faith Alone…

•   Through faith in Christ, we are ACCEPTED before God.

?   We are JUSTIFIED by faith.

?   Justification is…

•   …the GRACIOUS act of God…

•   …by which God DECLARES …

•   …a SINNER …


•   …solely on the basis of FAITH in Jesus Christ.

•   Through faith in Christ, we are ALIVE to God.

?   We LIVE by faith.

?   Dead and Alive?
•   We die to SIN.

•   We die to OURSELVES.

•   He COVERS our sin.

•   He CHANGES our lives.
?   We are not IN DEBT to Christ.

?   We are INDWELT by Christ.

Freed Through Faith…..
•   God’s pleasure in you is based on CHRIST’S performance for you.
?   He is PASSIONATE about you.

?   He has PAID A PRICE for you.

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