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SERMON OUTLINE > AM July 21 "Free In Christ"
AM July 21 "Free In Christ"

Free In Christ (Galatians 3)

God’s Covenant with Abraham...
God’s promise shows us the necessity of FAITH.

•   By GRACE alone, God blesses His people.

?   This grace is expressed in radical PROMISES.

•   Through FAITH alone, God’s people receive His blessing.

?   This faith is expressed in radical OBEDIENCE.

God’s Covenant through Christ...
God’s Son shows us the price of FREEDOM.

•   Jesus FULFILLS the law of Moses.

?   He OBEYED the law of God for us.

?   He ENDURED the wrath of God instead of us.

•   Jesus COMPLETES the promise to Abraham.

?   By grace alone, He gives SALVATION to us.

?   Through faith alone, we receive His SPIRIT in us

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