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SERMON OUTLINE > 7/13/14 - Care Sacrificially (AM Sermon)
7/13/14 - Care Sacrificially (AM Sermon)

Care Sacrificially-One Heart and One Mind (Part 2)
“They devoted themselves to the fellowship (koinonia)…”

What did the early church have in common?

1. An uncommon FOUNDATION.
> Truth #1 from the early church: They BELONGED to each other in Christ.
* Sharing in the BODY of Christ—I Cor 10:16.
* Sharing in the SERVICE of Christ—2 Cor 8:4.
* Sharing in the SPIRIT of Christ—2 Cor 13:14.
* Sharing in the GOSPEL of Christ—Phil 1:5.
* Sharing in the SUFFERINGS of Christ—Phil 3:10.
* Sharing in the LIFE of Christ—1 John 1:3-7.

> Truth #2 from the early church: They RELATED to each other through Christ.
* One question for The Church at Pine Drive: Are we ONE in heart and mind?

2. An uncommon SOCIAL concern.

> Truth #1 from the early church: They valued people over POSSESSIONS.

> Truth #2 from the early church: They gave their resources without thought of RETURN.

* Two questions for The Church at Pine Drive:

Is our conservative devotion to the WORD leading to a liberal concern for the needs of the WORLD?

Is our community a once-a-week ROUTINE or a day-to-day REALITY?

“We at Pine Drive devoted ourselves to the fellowship (koinonia)…”

•   Identify one way you can EXPRESS deeper social concern.

•   RENEW the foundation in at least one relationship.

•   Strive to LEAD one person to Christ before the end of the year.

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