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SERMON OUTLINE > 7/13/14 - Hidden Weaknesses-Sinkholes! (PM Sermon)
7/13/14 - Hidden Weaknesses-Sinkholes! (PM Sermon)

The Nature of a Sinkhole……….

•Everything looks FIRM and SOLID from the surface.
•No one can SEE IT happening or know when spiritual resources are GONE.
•Relying on personal gifts, achievements, advantages, and inner resources to make DECISIONS contribute to a sinkhole.
Our Modern Sinkhole Problem………

1. The sinkhole syndrome can swallow your life if you make it a habit of NOT WAITING ON God for direction in absolute obedience.

2. All God wants from us is simple OBEDIENCE, not gifts or excuses.

3. The foundation of our life begins to crumble when we decide we are ABOVE simple obedience.

Lessons from Saul for preventing our own sinkholes……..

1. The more we accomplish, the more gifted we are, the EASIER it is fall into the sinkhole syndrome.

2. No one is IMMUNE to encountering a sudden spiritual sinkhole.

3. Sinkholes are EVERWHERE.

4. Sinkholes are PREVENTABLE.

5. We are only as strong and firm as our commitment to God’s LEADING---every single day of our lives.

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