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SERMON OUTLINE > 7/27/14-When You Feel Discouraged (pm service)
7/27/14-When You Feel Discouraged (pm service)

1.   The man and his pain……

a.   He believes he has no FUTURE.
b.   He believes he has no FRIENDS.
c.   He believes that he has no FOUNDATION
d.   He believes that he has no FAITH.

2.   Steps to take when life hurts…..

a.   Maintain your CONNECTION to God.
•   The man prayed CONTINUALLY.
•   The man prayed EMOTIONALLY.
•   The man prayed INTELLIGENTLY.

b.   Maintain your COMMITMENT to God.
•   Even when God is SILENT and chooses not to answer immediately.
•   God’s GREATEST WORKS are often accomplished in silence.
•   God desires us to come to the place that even when we cannot sense Him we merely just TRUST Him.

c.   Maintain your CELEBRATION of God.
•   Praise may not do away with your pain, but it will bring you into the Lord’s PRESENCE.
•   DETERMINE in your heart that come what may, you will praise Him.

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