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SERMON OUTLINE > 727/14-The Only Way to Worship God-Part 3
727/14-The Only Way to Worship God-Part 3

The Only Way to Worship God Wholeheartedly - Part 3
Essential Questions for Wholehearted Worship

1.   Do I value my spiritual APPEARANCE more than I value my spiritual AUTHENTICITY?
Two Options……

SIMULATE holiness.
SACRIFICE everything.

2.   Do I have a genuine FEAR before God?

FEAR of God is evidence of LOVE of God.

3.   Is the JUSTICE of God compelling me to accomplish the MISSION of God?

The justice of God….
He is all-GOOD.
He is all-KNOWING.
He is all-POWERFUL.

The REALITY of God’s character compels us to risk everything for God’s CAUSE.

The Bottom Line…..
The POWER of the Holy Spirit in our witness is always accompanied by the PURITY of the Holy Spirit in our worship.

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