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SERMON OUTLINE > 8/3/14-Death Valley Strategies for Victory
8/3/14-Death Valley Strategies for Victory


*Be aware of how you are LIVING.
>Be sure that you are a “BUT Stephen” believer.
-Be certain that you are SUFFERING for the right reasons.
-Be certain that you REACT to hardships the right way.

*Be aware of who is LEADING.
>The Lord leads us into the PERFECT places of life.
-Where we can LEARN more about Him.
-Where we can experience His amazing GRACE.
-Where we can GROW in our relationship with Him.

*Be aware of where you are LOOKING.
>The Christian who lives under the LEADERSHIP of the Lord, see things ordinary people never get to see.
>You can either spend your life focused on PROBLEMS, or focusing on the Problem solver.

*Be aware of where you are LEANING.
>Learn to CALL on God in every situation.
>Learn to give your BURDENS to the Lord.

Bottom Line Truths…….

1.   God works out His perfect WILL in the lives of His children.
2.    Our duty is to submit to Him and trust Him to do RIGHT.

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