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SERMON OUTLINE > 8/17/14-A Committed Servant of Jesus Christ
8/17/14-A Committed Servant of Jesus Christ

•   Ananias was a SEPARATED servant.

--He was living the life of a SAVED man.

--He was GROWING in the Lord and in His Word.

--He was a man who was LISTENING for the voice of God.

--He was a man who was surrendered in his WALK with the Lord.

--He was a man God used for His GLORY.

•   Ananias was a SKEPTICAL servant.

--Often the commands of God do not MAKE SENSE.

--God’s commands are always RIGHT.

--The Lord plans our PATH, and our sole duty is to obediently follow it.

•   Ananias was a SUBMISSIVE servant.

--He responded in HUMBLE obedience to the Lord’s call.

--He touched Saul and embraced him as a BROTHER in Christ.

Being a committed servant……

•   Be quick to OBEY the slightest command.

•   Do not make EXCUSES.

•   Go in the Spirit of God and MAKE a difference in lives around you.

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