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SERMON OUTLINE > 8/24/14-God-Fearing Believers in the Face of Evil
8/24/14-God-Fearing Believers in the Face of Evil

(AM Service)

•   The PROBLEM that bothers us.
--“Why do the righteous SUFFER and the wicked PROSPER?”

   There is a misconception that serving God brings IMMUNITY from trials.

   Most BENEFITS of serving God are spiritual in nature.

   Most TRIALS are physical in nature.

•   The PROMISES that bless us.
--Our trials have the ability to be turned into TRIUMPHS.

   Things always work out as God has PLANNED.

•   The PLACES where Satan temps us.
--The area of our TRIALS.

--The area of our SALVATION.

--The area of the CHURCH.

--The area of our FUTURE.

--EVERY area of the child of God.

In every area of your life……
•   Give the Heavenly Father your DOUBTS.

•   Face your trials with FAITH.

•   Claim and live “My GRACE is sufficient for you..”

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