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SERMON OUTLINE > 9/14/14-What If God's People Pray? (AM Service)
9/14/14-What If God's People Pray? (AM Service)

What If God’s People Pray? (Acts 12:1-10.)

Reasons God’s people prayed…….

•   It was a time of PROBLEMS in the church.

---The church was under attack from SATAN himself.
---The church was apprehensive about their FUTURE.

•   It was a time for church members to PRAY.

---God’s people prayed INTENTIONALLY.
---God’s people prayed INTENSELY.
---God’s people prayed with FAITH.
---God’s people prayed with FOCUS.
---God’s people prayed as a FAMILY.

•   It was a time of POWER.

---There was powerful SALVATION.
---There was powerful SUPRISES.

God’s people at Pine Drive should must……

•   Make seeking God our PRIORITY.

•   COMMIT to God to come together to pray as a faith family and seek Him unconditionally.

•   EXAMINE our hearts and be sure there is nothing in us against another brother or sister in Jesus.

•   CALL on God by faith, believing Him for all things.

---Prayers will be ANSWERED.
---People will be AMAZED.
---Power will APPEAR.

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