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SERMON OUTLINE > 9/21/14-Blessings of Christ's Battlefield Wounds
9/21/14-Blessings of Christ's Battlefield Wounds

The battlefield wounds of our Lord……

•   The wound of the crown of THORNS.---Thorns were the product of SIN.

...Sin keeps you from having a FRUITFUL relationship with Christ.

...Sin grows vigorously, yet will leave you in a WORTHLESS state of mind and heart.

...Sin sooner or later becomes PUBLIC.

•   The wound of pain and MOCKING.

---Mocking is a powerful way to BREAK a person mentally and emotionally.

•   The wound of FLOGGING.

---Jesus’ appearance was appalling because He was taking on the grief and PHYSICAL abuse of every sin ever committed.

•   The wound of CRUCIFIXION.

Blessings of Christ’s Battlefield wounds…….

•   The blessing of total, complete, forgiveness of ALL sins.

•   The blessing of ETERNAL life in Heaven.

•   The blessing of the Spirit of God living IN YOU.

•   The blessing of an EMPOWERED life to live victoriously.

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