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SERMON OUTLINE > 9/28/14-Transforming Pain into Praise (am)
9/28/14-Transforming Pain into Praise (am)

A prison of PAIN………..
•   Is a place of MISERY.
   ---The misery of the ACCUSATIONS.
   ---The misery of the ARREST.
   ---The misery of the ACCOMMODATIONS.

•   Is a place of MINISTRY.
   ---A place of PERSONAL ministry.
   ---A place of PROFOUND ministry.
   ---A place of POWERFUL ministry.

A prison of PRAISE……….
•   The prison was a place that resulted in achieving God’s PURPOSES.
   ---It proved their FAITH.
   ---It produced their FREEDOM.
   ---It purchased a FAMILY.

To live in the freedom of who you are…….
•   POUR out your heart before the Lord in humble prayer and n and praise.

•   SURRENDER your everything to God and allow Him to turn your prison of pain into a prison of praise.

•   WALK in the certainty of victory in the midst of your prison experience.

•   ABIDE in the love and protection of God’s mighty power.

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