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SERMON OUTLINE > 9/28/14-Breaking Down Barriers...(pm)
9/28/14-Breaking Down Barriers...(pm)

Barriers to experiencing God……
•   WE erect barriers in our lives, intentionally or unintentionally to limit God.

•   We DETERMINE much of what we experience of God’s power.

•   We set parameters on the DEPTH of our relationship with God.

•   We become COMPLACENT.

Recurring themes in Scripture…….

•   ALL THINGS are possible w/God.

•   People face numerous humanly IMPOSSIBLE
situations both personal and circumstantial.

•   OUR FAITH determines whether God will free us from our limitations.

Breaking down barriers……..

•   Ask God to place the DESIRE in your heart.

•   Begin the morning with PRAYER, meditation, and commitment.

•   Set aside a SPECIFIC time and allow nothing to interfere.

•   DISCIPLE yourself and seek to be discipled.

•   Ask God for His specific MISSION for your Christian walk.


•   ABIDE.

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