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SERMON OUTLINE > 10/5/14-God's God-ness: The Beauty of Christ
10/5/14-God's God-ness: The Beauty of Christ

•   God’s God-ness in CREATION.
---God is the CREATOR God.

•   God’s God-ness in PROVIDENCE.
---God’s providence is the POWER, presence, and wisdom of God.

---God’s providence is working itself out in the DETAILS of our lives.

---God’s providence is to REVEAL His deep love and affection for us.

•   God’s God-ness over the REIGN and rule of man.
---Even the most hardened man in the world is simply bringing GLORY to God via His judgment.

---No one has a CHOICE about whether or not they will glorify God—no one!

•   God’s God-ness over SATAN.
---Even when the Lord allows the enemy to play, the enemy’s game simply serves the PURPOSES of God.

Pointing to God’s God-ness……..

•   Start paying ATTENTION to God’s God-ness.

•   BELIEVE with all of your heart that God is accomplishing what God said He would accomplish.
---God will CONFORM you to the image of Christ.

---God will make you holy and BLAMELESS in His sight.

•   Contemplate, meditate, and stand in AWE of God.

•   NOW WALK in the power made available to you by the Gospel and Gift of the Holy Spirit.

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