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SERMON OUTLINE > 10/12/14-Weighted Down with Life’s Burdens! (am)
10/12/14-Weighted Down with Life’s Burdens!  (am)

Truths of Jesus designed Christianity..…

•   Truth #1. We give up ALL we have to JESUS.

---We give Him the full WEIGHT of our sin.

---We give Him our complete and utter INABILITY to obey God.

•   Truth # 2: Jesus gives up all He has to US.

---He gives us FULL PARDON for our sin.

   ***Full pardon results in PEACE with God.

---He gives us complete power and ABILITY to obey God.

   ***His power and our obedience results in the PEACE of God.    

Lighten your walk with Jesus. . .. . . .

•   Surrender to Jesus the full weight of the burdens and SIN you are carrying.

•   Surrender to Jesus your absolute inability to OBEY and please God.

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