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SERMON OUTLINE > 10/26/14 - The Plan (AM)
10/26/14 - The Plan (AM)

Types of Plans…….

•   There are EVIL plans.
---A plan means you have a GOAL to fulfill or achieve.
---Goals have PLANS because without a plan you can’t reach your goal.

•   There are PROUD plans.

•   There are FOOLISH plans.

•   There are STRATEGIC plans.

•   There are GOOD plans.

God’s plan………

•   God has a WONDERFUL plan for your life.
---When you FIND God’s plan and follow, it’s going to be good.

---Without God’s plan, NOTHING can be accomplished for God in this life.

---God wants to reveal His plans so we can plan and be part of His BIG plan.

•   God’s has a specific plan of how to build His CHURCH.

•   God’s plan is to BLESS your plans and grant you the desires of your heart.

---The disconnect with many is that we either have our own plan or NO plan.

---Without a plan INERTIA gets you.

Making a plan for your life……

•   Simply, in faith, ASK God for His Divine plan.
•   Make plans with godly COUNSEL.
•   With the help of the Holy Spirit, DISCIPLINE yourself to stick to the plan even when you don’t feel like it!

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