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SERMON OUTLINE > 10/26/14-Growing Spiritually: The Prison Test (PM)
10/26/14-Growing Spiritually: The Prison Test (PM)

•   Finding your way out of the pit.

---The challenge is “are you going to stay in the pit or MOVE ON into God’s purpose for your life.

•   Reasons to find yourself in the pit.

---Some pits are just a part of LIFE.

---There are times we are PARTIALLY if not entirely responsible.

•   Lies of the pit.

---God does not accuse us, it is SATAN who accuses us.

---CONVICTION not guilt is from the Holy Spirit.

---To support his lies, Satan will FABRICATE evidence.

Getting out of the pit……

•   Take a good look at YOURSELF.

•   Cry out to God in HUMILITY of heart.

•   WALK in humility.

•   Use the GIFT God gave you.

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