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SERMON OUTLINE > 11/2/14-The Bible and the Holy Spirit (am)
11/2/14-The Bible and the Holy Spirit (am)

The Word and the Holy Spirit …
•   What the Bible is NOT teaching….
>   After you come to faith, you need to be BAPTIZED by or in or with the Spirit.

•   What the Bible IS teaching …
>   Baptism by/in/with the Spirit occurs at CONVERSION.
>   Questions:
>   But what about Pentecost?
>   Jesus’ disciples were living in a time of covenant TRANSITION.

**Regarding Jesus, they understood the NEW
covenant. (They believed in an ascended Messiah).

**Regarding the Spirit, they still lived in the OLD
Covenant. (They had an incomplete experience of the Spirit).

>   At Pentecost, disciples with Old Covenant
experience of the Spirit became disciples with a NEW Covenant experience of the Spirit.

>   But what about other “second baptisms” in Acts?
>   None of these experiences MENTION baptism by
the Spirit or in the Spirit or with the Spirit.

>   The New Covenant realization of the Spirit is
simply following the advancement of the gospel to new TERRITORY. (Acts 1:8).

>   Conclusions:
>   Be CONFIDENT in your baptism.
>   Beware of TWO-class Christianity.
>   Be ACTIVE in seeking the Spirit!
>   Be BIBLICAL in talking about experiences with the Spirit.

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