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SERMON OUTLINE > 11/16/14-The Bible and Falling Out of Church (am)
11/16/14-The Bible and Falling Out of Church (am)

The Word and our church……..

•   What the Bible is NOT teaching…
>You will DIE if you fall asleep in church.

•   What the Bible IS teaching….
>When the church gathers, we SOAK IN the Word.

>When the church scatters, we SPREAD the Word.

---Jesus has conquered sin and defeated DEATH!

The Word and falling out of church…..

•   What the Bible is NOT teaching…
>You don’t have to GO TO church to be a Christian.

•   What the Bible IS teaching….
>God’s people who are apathetic will eventually FALL OUT of church, resulting in a spiritual condition that is basically DEAD.

---You become a hindrance to the LOST.

---You have gone from being a WITNESS of Christ to a stumbling block.

---You have NO JOY of your salvation.

---You are no longer FIT to be used for God’s Glory.

>The church has the responsibility to show God’s love and COMPASSION to the lost and those who have fallen out of church.

---We go TOGETHER out of a burden for those who are in a bad situation.

---We must go out of a burden to encourage them and give them HELP.

---We go out of love so they will COME.

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