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SERMON OUTLINE > 11/30/14-Do You Need a Miracle?
11/30/14-Do You Need a Miracle?

Miracles happen when you understand……..
•   Jesus cares about our EVERYDAY needs.

---There is nothing too ordinary to PRAY about.

•   Jesus passionately desires to TRANSFORM our everyday experiences.

---Jesus has a way of taking ordinary making it EXTRAORDINARY.

---Jesus wants to transform you into a totally NEW person.

•   Jesus extravagantly provides for our EVERDAY requests.

---Jesus never gives JUST enough; He always gives superabundantly His extravagant GRACE.

---Jesus often waits until your resources RUN DRY before He will perform His miracle.

To be transformed….

•   You must desire something MORE.

•   You must TRUST that God will provide abundantly.

•   You must COME to Him with your hunger or thirst.

•   You must do WHATEVER He tells you to do.

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