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SERMON OUTLINE > 12/7/14 - The Foundations of a Healthy Church
12/7/14 - The Foundations of a Healthy Church

Foundations prevalent in Acts 20 and to be in Pine Drive.…

•   We are to SERVE God together.

•   We are to SPREAD the gospel together.

To Pine Drive Community Church in Dickinson …

•   Pray we would be faithful in midst of UNCERTAINITY.

>Wherever you are, be all THERE and be all IN.

•   Please pray we’d be faithful in midst DIFFICULTY.

>Faithfulness to Christ more valuable than LIFE.

Exhortations To the Church on Pine Drive …

•   Go from Pine Drive and be all “there” and “all in” for the SALVATION of others.

•   Go from Pine Drive to the place God has planted you with the WORD of God.(26-27)

•   Guard your HEARTS (31-28).

>Discipline yourself in PRAYER.

•   CARE for Pine Drive church.
>Remember the church was BOUGHT & BELONGS to Him.

•   Give SELFLESSLY and sacrificially.

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