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SERMON OUTLINE > 12/14/14-Redeemer of Broken Dreams
12/14/14-Redeemer of Broken Dreams

The witness of Joseph…….
•   A SHATTERING discovery.
> It seemed that all the DREAMS of Joseph had for the future had been shattered.
> Joseph was BLIND to the fact God is at work behind the scenes
> God’s plans are always BEST, even when they hurt us deeply.

•   A SOBERING deliberation.
> The times when life goes wrong from our perspective is the time when we can see our TRUE selves.
> Anyone can rejoice when life is good, but it takes a CONSECRATED life when life falls apart.
> Joseph’s decision to react toward Mary was one of COMPASSION.
* How we respond to those who cause hurt is an indicator of the DEPTH of our spiritual walk.

•   A SATISFYING declaration.
> It was a declaration of DIVINE providence.
*When dreams are shattered and hopes are dashed, TRUST the truth that God is in control and will take care of His children.
*It is from the wreckage of greatest hurts that God often builds of us the greatest BLESSINGS.

•   A SHOCKING decision.
> True faith does not SHRINK from the call of God just because others do not understand.
> True faith willingly puts aside its own DESIRES to do the will of God.

Trust God’s promise…….

What you think is the worst thing that has ever happened to you will often turn out to be your GREATEST blessing.

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