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SERMON OUTLINE > 12/21/14-God's Peace and Encouragement in Fear
12/21/14-God's Peace and Encouragement in Fear

The cause of fear…….
•   Sin created a gap between who you are designed to be and who you KNOW yourself to be.
>And that CREATES fear in your life.

God’s solution to fear…..
>Christ CAME into the world.
>Christ’s coming brought GLORY to God.
>Christ’s coming brought the blessing and promise of PEACE.
>Christ came to restore us to God’s ORIGINAL design.

In the midst of fear…….
•   Let your FEAR drive you to Christ.
>Christ answers ABSOLUTELY every single fear that you have in life.
>When you are facing fear STOP where you are and say “I am in Christ and I have trusted Christ.”

•   Let FAITH drive you through your fear.
>TRUST Christ with all your heart, no matter what you see or feel.

•   Know by continuous practice that PRAYER is powerful.
•   MEND any broken fences in your life now.
•   Immediately RELEASE the reins of your life to God as Lord.
•   FOCUS on what really matters—God’s love and purpose for your life.

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