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SERMON OUTLINE > 12/26 -Letting the Glory of God Fill you with Hope
12/26 -Letting the Glory of God Fill you with Hope

A God-Centered Christmas…

•   Jesus came to CERTIFY God’s Truth and Integrity.
>>>God in His character and attributes is True at ALL times and in every circumstance.

And a Hope-Filled New Year…

•   God will be TRUE to His character.
>>>In a world where everything is unreliable, God will be IN CONTROL of every single detail of 2015.

•   God will be FAITHFUL to His Word.
>>>When God speaks or makes a promise, He is guaranteed to KEEP IT.

•   God will be CONSTANT in His Grace and Mercy.
>>>There is not one detail you will face that God is not already INTIMATELY aware.

In every situation you will face, God will give you EVERYTHING you need to walk through in a way that glorifies God.

Ask and trust God to …….
•   Sustain your desire to READ His Word consistently.
•   Transform you into a person who PRAYS consistently.
•   Identify and utilize the GIFT He has given to you.
•   To more and more, day by day, CONFORM you to the image of Jesus.

The Bottom Line…

The reason why He came is the same reason why
we live…
for the GLORY of God.

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