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SERMON OUTLINE > 1/4/15-It's Time to Make Every Day Count
1/4/15-It's Time to Make Every Day Count

To make every day count……

•   Leave ANYTHING behind that keep you from fully focusing on the Lord.

>Leave all of you resentment and UNFORGIVENESS behind.
>Leave all of your WORRIES and anxieties behind.
>Leave all of your perceived or imagined FAILURES behind.
*The only time you fail is when you DON’T TRY to do anything.
*God has called you to have FAITH long before He ever called you to achieve.

•   Grasp the future by making the most of every OPPORTUNITY.

>Your time on this earth is LIMITED.
>All of your time is going to be spent doing SOMETHING.
>Somebody is going to determine how you SPEND all of your time.

•   Know with certainty what the Lord’s WILL is for you at this time.
Trust Christ to transform you…….

•   To be FAITHFUL even when it is inconvenient.

•   To be AVAILABLE to do what God calls you to do.

•   To be able to effectively PRIORITIZE in light of your limited time.

•   To leave the past behind and TRUST Him for the future.

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