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SERMON OUTLINE > 1/11/15-SERIES: Transforming Prayer Life
1/11/15-SERIES: Transforming Prayer Life

The Priority of Prayer: The Prayer Life of Jesus. (Mark 1:35.)

When Jesus prayed…….

•   Jesus prayed in the MORNING.
>Jesus WON “the battle over the covers!”

•   Jesus took prayer RETREATS.
>Everywhere Jesus went, He left a trail of TRANQUILITY.

>He recognized the significance of building spiritual MARGIN into His schedule.

•   Jesus prayed before making important DECISIONS.
>If we pray before any decision, the Lord would give us WISDOM.

•   Jesus prayed while SUFFERING on the Cross.
>We can overcome the burdens, trials, and sufferings in this life by EARNEST prayer based on the powerful promises of the Word of God.

•   Jesus prayed with GRATITUDE for God’s Blessings.

•   Jesus is praying right now IN HEAVEN.

>Jesus is PREPARING heaven for His followers, pardoning lost people, and preparing to come again.

>Jesus is praying for His PEOPLE.

Jesus" prayer life is…..
•   An EXAMPLE for us.


•   Rise early and commune with God in prayer.
•   Ask God to transform you to make prayer a priority.

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