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SERMON OUTLINE > 1/25/15-Serving as a Soldier in the Lord's Army
1/25/15-Serving as a Soldier in the Lord's Army

The privilege of Dining with the Lord. . . . .

•   When you dine with the Lord you are SITTING DOWN with Jesus, the Risen Savior, Lord, and Commander.
> We are invited and come to HIS table, which He prepared in advance for us.

•   We are reminded of WHY we enlisted in His Army and what our MISSION is as one of His soldiers.
> We accepted the conditions of enlistment: We accept by faith that Jesus died to FORGIVE our sins and CONFORM our lives to His image.

> As a soldier, our mission is to TELL everyone what Jesus did, what He means to us, and that enlistment is open to everyone.

The Importance of Dining with the Lord. . . . .

•   The Lord’s Supper is exclusively for His soldiers---CHRISTIANS, who come to the table in their “best.”

> Individually EXAMINE themselves before eating.

•   His Army comes together to prepare for BATTLE.

> We gain STRENGTH from our numbers and POWER from our unity.

> We CLOSE RANKS to watch and seek to protect each other in times of war and in times of peace.

•   Never takes the Lord’s Table for GRANTED.
> The Lord LOVED you more than He loved life.

> The Lord PAID the ultimate sacrifice so that we might live with Him forever.

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