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SERMON OUTLINE > 2/1/15-Prayer Can Radically Change a Life
2/1/15-Prayer Can Radically Change a Life

Jesus’ Disciples…….

•   Did not just ask Jesus to teach them how to pray, but TO pray.
•   Understood the life-changing, circumstance-changing SIGNIFICANCE of prayer.
•   Saw the their first church literally birthed in a passionate 10 DAY prayer meeting.
> The Holy Spirit came upon EVERY member of their prayer meeting and infused them with heavenly power.

Lessons from the early church…..

•   When we pray like the early Christians God can SHAKE us physically and spiritually.
> God ministered through them to perform MIGHTY miracles and to shake the world.
> Those who prayed experienced RADICALLY changed lives.
•   Prayer should PRECEDE preaching and witnessing.
> We must learn to talk with God before we try to talk ABOUT God to others.
•   God SPEAKS to us when we pray.
•   God WORKS miracles when we pray.
> God is waiting for us to pray before He will unleash His LIMITLESS, miracle-working power.
> Where prayer FOCUSES, God’s power falls.
•   If our prayer life is anemic, our (your) work is in VAIN!
> There are some things God will ONLY do when we pray.

Bottom line truth and promise……

God MOVES when we pray.

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