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SERMON OUTLINE > 2/8/15-The Power of Fervent Prayer (am)
2/8/15-The Power of Fervent Prayer (am)

Prayers prayed for Peter …..

•   Were far from being CASUAL or routine.
•   Were urgent, DESPERATE, and fervent.
•   Rose from a passionate heart that pleads with God and must have an ANSWER.

When we pray fervently…..

•   God provides His supernatural PEACE.
>ANXIETY exits because God’s peace has entered.
>A Christian filled with peace and JOY stands out like a light in a day dominated by turmoil.

•   God activates His ANGELS.
>Christians need the PROTECTION of God’s angels.

•   God SURPRISES His servants.
>God is able and willing to open the windows of heaven to pour out ABUNDANT blessings on His children.
>God enables us to live life on a HIGHER plane.

•   God VINDICATES His people.
>God punished Herod, vindicated James, and rescued Peter, all because of FERVENT prayer.


•   Be WILLING to not allow God to rest until He moves in your situation.

•   PLEAD passionately, desperately with God in fervent prayer.

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