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SERMON OUTLINE > 2/8/15-Experiencing Hope in the Hurts of Life (pm)
2/8/15-Experiencing Hope in the Hurts of Life (pm)

The man and his pain believes……

•   He has no FUTURE.
•   He has no FRIENDS.
•   He has no FOUNDATION
•   He has no FAITH.

Steps to take when life hurts…..

•   Maintain your CONNECTION to God.
>The man prayed CONTINUALLY.
>The man prayed EMOTIONALLY.
>The man prayed INTELLIGENTLY.

•   Maintain your COMMITMENT to God.
>Even when God is SILENT.
>Even when we cannot sense God we merely TRUST Him.

•   Maintain your PRAISE of God.
>Praise may not do away with your pain, but it will bring you into the Lord’s PRESENCE.
>DETERMINE in your heart that come what may, you will praise Him.

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