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SERMON OUTLINE > 2/15/15-Overcoming Hindrances to Prayer
2/15/15-Overcoming Hindrances to Prayer

Hindrances to effective prayer…….
   > If you do not take time to pray, God might READJUST your schedule until you have plenty of time to pray.

   > There is a DIRECT connection between “ask and receive” and “obey His commands and doing what pleases Him.”
   > Disobedience and obedience is a CHOICE.

   > Failure to pray is often because we are UNDISCIPLINED.
   > To waste time is to waste LIFE.
   > SINCERE, disciplined prayers move the heart and hand of God.

   > When we harbor BITTERNESS and unforgiveness, the Lord turns a deaf ear to our prayers.

   > STIFLES the effectiveness of our prayers.
   > The Holy Spirit will gently and specifically reveal if ANY unconfessed sin in your life.
   > Confess, repent, ask God to forgive, and then claim His forgiveness by FAITH.

   > God must be the one & only OBJECT of faith when we pray


•   Take RADICAL measures to rid yourself of any hindrance to a vibrant prayer life and walk with the Lord---IMMEDIATELY.

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