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SERMON OUTLINE > 2/22/15-Biblical Helps for Effective Prayer (AM)
2/22/15-Biblical Helps for Effective Prayer (AM)

Helpers for effective prayer…….

   > Will help every believer in every ASPECT of the Christian life, including prayer.
   > The Holy Spirit helps us by TURNING our prayer into one that God will answer.

•   Praying SCRIPTURE.
   > God listens and answers prayer prayed in RIGHTLY interpreted Scripture and with a submissive attitude.

•   Praying in JESUS Name.
   > God is a God of AUTHORITY.
   > Jesus has ALL the collateral in heaven’s bank we will ever need.

•   A HOLY heart.
   > God is holy and He demands that we as His children WALK in His holiness.
   > As we confess and forsake our sins, God purifies us and makes our prayers ACCEPTABLE.

•   A HUNGRY heart.
   > God loves desperate, PASSIONATE prayers not phony ritual.

•   A HUMBLE heart.
   > God DEMANDS humility.
   > When you pray make sure you are LITTLE and God is big!


•   STAY filled with God’s Spirit.

•   PRAY the Word of God, Scripture.

•   Pray in the AUTHORITY of Jesus Name.

•   Ask God to give you a holy, hungry, humble heart suitable to APPROACH God’s throne of grace in prayer.

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