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SERMON OUTLINE > 3/1/15-The Joy/Reward of God's Ultimate Challenge
3/1/15-The Joy/Reward of God's Ultimate Challenge

The Fork in the road……
•   Leads to SUFFERING.
•   Leads to REJECTION.
•   Leads to DEATH.
•   Leads to a DECISION:
   > Do you really want to FOLLOW that kind of Messiah?
   > Should you LOOK for a different kind of Messiah?

Jesus’ Ultimate Challenge……
•   Jesus is talking about a NEW life, not just a religious process to a better life.

The levels of Jesus’ Ultimate Challenge……
•   Jesus challenges the myth of COMFORT.
   > The challenge is to DENY ourselves.
> The problem is not with desire or pleasure,
it’s with DISTORTED and misdirected desire.

•   Jesus challenges the myth of SAFETY.
   > It is a specific invitation to FOLLOW Jesus even when we are ridiculed and mocked.
   > It is a LIE that life should be completely safe and risk-free.

•   Jesus challenges the myth of CONTROL.
   > “Follow Me (Jesus) is the ESSENCE of Christianity.
   > Jesus’ language is direct and radical: “LINE your life up behind Me.

The reward of accepting the Ultimate Challenge……
•   God will give you a REAL life of abundance.
•   God will make your life a glorious PROFIT.

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