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SERMON OUTLINE > 3/8/15-God's Stolen Identity (pm)
3/8/15-God's Stolen Identity (pm)

God’s true identity……

•    I am that I AM.
> As long as you walk with God, you will never KNOW everything about Him.
> Every now and then we need to see God in a FRESH way.

•   God is compassionate and GRACIOUS.
> God cares …..
* When He doesn’t HAVE to care.
* When He doesn’t GET ANYTHING out of the relationship.
*When you can’t ever REPAY him for what He has done in your life.
* Without any ulterior MOTIVES.

•    God is LOVING and faithful.
> God will LAST!
> God will OUTLAST!

How to live in the true identity of God……
•   The bigger your God, the more your life has to LINE UP with the Word of God.
•   Living in the true identity of God will always lead to WORSHIP.

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