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SERMON OUTLINE > 3/15/15-How will you meet the King?
3/15/15-How will you meet the King?

When people meet the King……

•   Some will be WORRIED.
>Many will be living life on their own TERMS.
>Many will be caught OFF guard by the return of Jesus.

•   Some will be WAITING.
>They will be possessed by a LOVE for Jesus that cannot be adequately explained.
>They will not be caught looking at the WORLD and all of its treasures.

•   Some will be WORKING..
>They know they have been SAVED and therefore must serve the Lord with faithfulness.
>They know that every child of God must be faithful in living, GIVING and working until the Lord returns.

•   Some will be WITHOUT.
>They are ENEMIES of the Lord Jesus Christ.
>They will find themselves SHUT OUT of the Kingdom and eternity in Heaven.

Becoming a sentinel of certainty……..

•   By being absolutely certain that you are SAVED.
•   By daily examining your life and your READINESS to meet the Lord.
•   By being actively WORKING in service for the Lord.
•   By letting your life be a SHINING light for all to see.

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