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SERMON OUTLINE > 4/5/15-Resurrection Realities
4/5/15-Resurrection Realities

The Early and the Contemporary Church. . .
•   The early church knew every time they met, in their midst,
there was the PRESENCE of Another who had left an empty tomb.
•   The contemporary church lacks the burning SENSE that when
we come together we are in the presence of an unseen, One who has conquered death and brought life and immortality to life.

Why the Lord appeared to Mary first. . . .
•   Mary’s LOVE for Jesus
> The reality of resurrection is for those who love Jesus MOST
> Mary STAYED BY Jesus’ person even though she thought him to be dead and his body to have been stolen.

•   Mary saw Jesus as LORD.
> The LOYALTY to the person of our Lord, who Mary
thoughtto be dead should be compelling and arresting and convicting to us.
> The thing that distinguishes Mary is that she was the first to
the tomb, and when others left she STAYED.
> The resurrection reality for Mary and for us is a word of
personal COMFORT from Jesus.
***Jesus turned to comfort the one, Mary, whose soul passion was Jesus’ PERSON.    
***Jesus gave Mary the comfort of PERSONAL recognition when He called her by name.    
> Unless we know that Jesus called us by name and comforted
us, there will never be a LIFE-CHANGING impact about us.
•   Mary CLINGS to Jesus
> We no longer have to cling to the PHYSICAL presence Lord.
> We now can know the presence of the Lord in a dimension that Mary had never known---Christ IN us.

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