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SERMON OUTLINE > 4/12/15-A Precious Moment for the Fallen Backslide
4/12/15-A Precious Moment for the Fallen Backslide

The PURPOSE of the precious moment…..
•   Is for Jesus to confront Peter’s FAILURE.
> Peter’s falling away began when He followed Jesus at A DISTANCE.
> Peter was in the wrong place and the wrong place is DANGEROUS.
> The believer who walks away from the will of God…
   *Will be MISERABLE and lose their joy.
   *Will lose the PEACE of God.
   *Will lose the PRESENCE of God.
   *Will lose God’s POWER.

•   Is for Jesus to confront Peter’s FOOLISHNESS.
> People who are out of God’s will:
   *Always make the wrong CHOICES.
   *Always base decisions on FLESHLY motives.
   *LOSE the ability to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.
*FOOL no one but themselves.

The PROVISION of the precious moment…..
•   Jesus stepped onto the scene and TURNED everything around.

•   There was a CHANGE in Peter.
> Peter was forced to ADMIT his failure.
> Peter started to OBEY Jesus again.
> Peter had a renewed desire to be NEAR the Lord.

•   Jesus FREED Peter from sin and called him back to serving the Lord and church.

EXPERIENCING your precious moment…..
•   Make a RENEWED commitment to the Lord Jesus.
•   SURRENDER to God’s call to live in His will and service and for the glory of God.

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