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SERMON OUTLINE > 4/19/15-Stay Strong in the Lord - Finish Well
4/19/15-Stay Strong in the Lord - Finish Well

Living a courageous life means……

•   God is ACTIVELY looking for courageous people
> The world wants you to live your BEST LIFE now
and figure out how you can be 65 years old and retired.
> God is actively looking to give strong SUPPORT to
those whose heart is blameless toward Him.

•   RELYING on God rather than on yourself.
> Asa king of Judah, changed his ways because he got
> God wants us to live POWERFULLY for Him with
whatever He’s given us to do, and in the unique way He’s equipped us to do it.

•   BECOMING Calebs not Asas.
> Young and middle age adults are longing for an
elderly MENTOR whose life makes sense to them in light of the gospel.
> Calebs BUILD into the next generation by empowering
and blessing them.

Staying strong, finishing well by . . . . .

•   TRUSTING in God all the way to the end.

•   Being OBSESSED with the end.

•   If you need to, TURN things around now.

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