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SERMON OUTLINE > 4/26/15-Is Your Heart Right with God? (am)
4/26/15-Is Your Heart Right with God? (am)

The Heart……
•   Is the CORE of who you are when you are alone.
•   Is the part of us that ONLY God sees.

Saul--The heart God rejects……
•   Saul lacked CONFIDENCE in God.
•   Saul’s heart was IMPATIENT.
•   Saul’s heart was DISOBEDIENT.
•   Saul never learned to TRUST IN God.
•   Saul was rejected by God because he never REPENTED.

David--The heart God accepts……
•   David was HUMBLE.
> He had a shepherd’s heart that CARED for sheep.
•   David had INTEGRITY.
> He had an UNDIVIDED heart that was filled up with God.
•   David was obedient and had incredible TRUST IN God.
> David knew God was with him in the past and would EMPOWER him in all of his present and future battles.
•   David was genuinely REPENTANT.
> When you sin you won’t REMAIN in sin.

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